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Is Someone on Your Mind? 0

Is Someone on Your Mind?

If someone is on your mind, pray for them but also give them a call or visit. That way, you have the natural and the supernatural covered.

What do you champion? 0

What do you champion?

What causes do you believe in? What ideals do you champion? What love do you live? Is your philanthropy more than filming ice videos and pressing donation buttons? Is your kindness more than an...

A “Me First” Mindset 0

A “Me First” Mindset

Our society seems more selfish. But there are repercussions to changing to a “me first” mindset, the first of which is failing relationships. Friendships and relationships fizzle and fade when we start wondering “what...


Humping the Turtle

God is the ultimate creator. We are made in His image and thusly, we are creators too! The secret to success in our lifetime is to decide on doing what we were made to...