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PODCAST – Macconvert #16 Jolly Time 0

PODCAST – Macconvert #16 Jolly Time

An action-packed episode. Bobby J explains his absence and talks about his heart surgery. He also plays a stirring rendition of “Silent Night,” but runs into a chair in the kitchen and hurts his...

PODCAST – Macconvert#15 (Motorola Q Video) 0

PODCAST – Macconvert#15 (Motorola Q Video)

Bobby J gives a quick update on why there have been no episodes for the last few weeks – he has had heart bypass surgery. More episodes to come in the following weeks. ]]>

PODCAST – Macconvert#14 (Video Podcast) 0

PODCAST – Macconvert#14 (Video Podcast)

Bobby J records a Vidcast video from his car over his lunch break at work. He struggles to pug the Mac into the power inverter. then he speaks about his favorite new little app...