10 Apps That Keep My iPhone Jailbroken

Let me start this article with a word of caution–hacking (in my case jailbreaking to enable 3rd-party applications, not unlocking the phone) the iPhone may be against your user agreement and may do damage to your phone including causing it to become bricked (stuck in a state where the phone no longer can be restored to factory defaults and used as a normal phone and iPod). That being said. Here is a list of my top 10 favorite hacked apps.

 10. Tinyproxy & Boss Prefs – This combination allows me to share the (albeit slow) internet connection from the iPhone to my Macbook. It is not bad for those quick webmail checks or twitter posts. Only port 80 works so no mail, back to my mac, etc.

 9. Real Artist – Take any photo and morph using the pinch and drag methods. This one makes some freaky scary black-hole-sun-esque faces. It is such fun.

 8. iPhysics – Is an awesome physics engine with gravity, shapes, interactions etc. It is so very cool and the kids love it. I am luck I got an invisible shield on the phone and can let them play with it. People say I am nuts for letting them handle this several-hundred-dollar-machine, but I like to share the fun with the kids.

 7. iSolitaire – What computer, mobile or otherwise, is complete without a Klondike solitaire game and the drag and drop card action is nice. Reminds me of my Windows Mobile based devices, except without the sucking part.

 6. Tap Tap Revolution – It is like having guitar hero in your hand and you can make and upload your own games for any tune. This is cool.

 5. Drummer, Guitarist and Pianist – Too bad I only have one iPhone or I might start a band with these babies. They are easy and fun to play and have great sounds. Funiculus is also nice as a visual tuner.

 4. Summerboard – I like the ability to have non-Apple skins on the phone. and to allow additional functionality to the Spring board.

 3. Books with KJV Bible Loaded- Now I can leave the bulky paper Bible at home. Do you think Jesus minds that I may have broken my EULA with Apple or AT&T?

 2. Vonagent – allows me to setup SimulRing or Call Forwarding from my home phone which uses Vonage. This is nice when the wife and I go out, we can have the home phone come with us. Also allows checking of the voicemails in a visual voicemail style. Awesome!

 1. MxTube – Download Youtube videos directly to the phone, no in between conversion. When you have access to WiFi, and 20 minutes on your hand, you can load the iPhone with hours of content for that next business trip. It also takes the need to buy expensive convertor programs out of the mix. If you are lazy, upload your vids to YouTube and re-download with MxTube directly to your phone.

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