Cavaliers Have Not Seen Adversity? Pshh!


I am tired of all of the NBA analysts and pundits saying “the Cavaliers have yet to see adversity.” Throughout the 2016 NBA playoffs they have been behind and have buckled down and rallied back many times within the same game. I don’t agree that adversity has to include losing and then seeing how you bounce back. I would rather see them lose a quarter or lose momentum and have immediate course corrections than to have to suffer game losses.

This team has dealt with a year of adversity–knowing that they would have beaten GSW with a healthy team. You don’t think that that a year of waiting, training, staying healthy and focused is adversity? Please!

I also am tired of people still holding Golden State as the gold standard. People forget that last year’s Cavs were within 2 games of stealing an NBA Championship from that same team on the back of Lebron, Delly and Mosgov. If Lebron would have had superhuman reserves and did not ran out of gas, Cleveland would be the defending world champions.

Are we forgetting that Kevin Love has never lost in the playoffs? Are we forgetting that our team is healthy this year?

Come on NE Ohio, get rid of that loser mentality. Stipe Miocic did and he singlehandedly just brought a national championship and soon will likely bring a UFC title defense to little ol’ Cleveland. For the superstitious…that 50-year-plus-curse is over, and it is about to get ground to oblivion in just a few short weeks with a second championship for the city and the first by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Rant over.

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