Examine Your Heart at Thanksgiving

Examine your hearts this Thanksgiving week. Are we living lives of thankfulness ourselves and teaching our children real gratitude, or is it more likely that are we uncomfortable for the 2 minutes of dinnertime prayer sandwiched in between several hours of gluttony, commercialism and selfishness? Satan comes to steal and pervert every good thing. Do not give him this week. It is good to give thanks to God. It is good to change our thoughts to thoughts of gratitude and abundance rather than disappointment and lack. It is good to give God thanks for Jesus his son. If this week seems like a chore, we’re doing it wrong. If we will only feel relief when it is all over, we’re doing it wrong. If we don’t have Christ so abundant in our hearts and ready on your lips for conversation, we are doing it wrong. Marching orders this week: Pray over your Thanksgiving venue. Ask that God deliver the atmosphere of heaven and peace over your household (or your friend’s/relative’s). We have the power to make this the best Thanksgiving ever. So do it.

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