What is Your Default Mode?

What is your “default mode?” The Bible tells us that man’s nature, his default mode, is sin. I have no problems sharing my own struggles with you in hope that we can help one another. My personal default mode causes me to eat poorly, to not exercise, to ingest too many stimulants (including caffeine and nicotine), to work the rat race job and have no personal motivation, to let depression latch onto me and to come home and loaf and maybe mindlessly watch TV with my family and call this “quality time.” I think of a car. If you turn on a car on in a parking lot and take your feet from the pedals and your hands off the wheel, its default mode is idling. Place the car in gear, and it will move and very soon from the safety of the lot. Our lives were placed into gear long ago. Our actions every day help to take control. We can idle and go 5mph up a hill and then gain momentum and completely crash at the bottom or go off a cliff, just idling when are hands and feet are not at the controls. Change your actions everyday to take control of your earthly vehicle. When your eyes are ahead and your hand is on the wheel, you can avoid big obstacles. When you work the pedals, you can get to your destinations faster or avoid impact with unforeseen obstacles. We take control by knowing where we are going (Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet) and choosing every day to live Holy before God.

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