Examine Your Motivations When You Post on Facebook

Examine your motivations every time you go to click the “Post” button on Facebook. It is so easy in this social media world we live in to be saying “Hey look at me” or “hey isn’t my family cute?” or “you should be jealous of this cool thing I am doing.” I read a statistic today that probably 10-15 of your hundreds of Facebook friends actually love and care for you. Sure, grandma wants to see those pictures and share in your joys, but think about your audience. Take back a little of the privacy and modesty that we are so freely giving away. Be selective of your audience by changing your post settings (try the friends except acquaintances option at the bottom right) Also, take the time to go through your friends list and classify your friends properly (real friends versus acquaintances). You will notice your signal to noise ratio go up!

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