How Would You React to the Late Night Phone Call?

It’s 4:00am. You just fell asleep one and a half hours earlier after coming home from working 19.5 hours straight at two different jobs. You have a new baby that wakes at a the drop of a pin. The phone rings, it’s loud obnoxious cry. This startles you and your spouse so much that you both spring straight up in bed, your heart is racing and blood rushes straight to your head. You instantly pick up thinking most likely the only people that would call at this hour are family members with emergencies, but fear grips as this could be one of an evil prankster or night terrorizer. You also don’t want to wake the baby so your hand is on the receiver before the first ring is finished. “Hello!?!” The awkwardly loud crabby sound shoots from your completely irritated, R.E.M. interrupted, my-voice-hasn’t-woke-yet-so-I-can’t-control-it’s-volume, snotty lips…….Silence. In the earpiece, only a long slow sigh. “Hello”, you repeat shorter and snottier. More silence and a slight stir as if someone had repositioned themselves on a couch. Everything within you is angry. You had just fallen asleep, your baby is stirring now, you are crazy startled from the disruption, and it seems you are being night terrorized by a phone prankster. What would you do? Hang up?
Tell the person off? Unplug the phone? At most points in my life I probably would have told the person off and then unplugged the phone to prevent retaliation. But at this particular season, I had just come through a time of prayer and reflection. So I just quieted my mind and sat still. Without one thought crossing my mind, I heard my own voice ask, “You’ve been drinking again haven’t you?” The person on the other end of the phone breaks down in tears and squeaks, “Yes.” “And you just needed someone to talk to?” “Yes.” Long story short, within a few minutes, The Lord’s voice through my mouth had brought the young man on the other end of the phone to repentance and the prayer of salvation. To God be the Glory. This story is not to vaunt myself up. On the contrary, it should remind us that we have decisions every day to act like the world and blurt out the default reaction of our sinful flesh or we can quiet ourselves and let God work. You see it was no coincidence that this man randomly dialed me. And it was no coincidence that I was at the point in my life to shut myself off and let God work through my mouth. God will go after the lost sheep and use his “willing vessels.” Most of the work of the HIBOT Army is not about figuring out ways to bless others yourself. You will run out of resources (money and ideas) far too soon. On the contrary, the work of the HIBOT soldier is to make their life “less them, more God” Pray. Fast. Pray in the Holy Spirit. Read the Word. Remain in faith that he rewards those who diligently seek Him. He will bless you. He added a jewel to my heavenly crown that night without me doing much more than getting out of the way and making my voice available. By the way, I was up for the rest of the night/morning out of excitement and he supernaturally gave me rest and strength to bring me through the next day.

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