What Apple Should Announce At WWDC 2008

Let me first preface this writing with the fact that I DO NOT know anyone at Apple and I DO NOT have any inside information. I wanted to let you know that because before WWDC you will read this article and might see some interesting ideas, but after WWDC you might be accusing me of getting some sort of access to insider trade secrets or processes because of how dead-on I will be.

I first started following Apple technology news, release cycles, announcements, etc. when I bought my first Mac–an Intel Macbook in June 2006. Since then, I have closely followed Apple’s special announcements and events extremely closely. I think that I have come up with some compelling information regarding past trends that may help predict future announcements.

Trend #1 Apple is on a two year design cycle. 

Whether it is the iPod, the iMac, the notebook computer line or now the iPhone, Apple makes a significant change to the overall design of their hardware at two year intervals. Sure they bump of storage and RAM over this period, but no major deign changes or new products for 2 years. This means that the current iPhone is not due for revision that is available for purchase today. Sorry Guys!

Trend #2 Apple ultimately delivers the message that makes uber-techs a little sad that they did not get all of the technical features, but still create a compelling argument for us to part with our money.

Apple slowly shows you how “their way is best.” Even customers waiting for 3G iPhone will be compelled to by a current model and opt to resell or gift in favor of the 3G version available in ’09. You will see why in my announcements section below.

1.  Apple full well could have added a TV Tuner to Apple TV and given us a TiVo-like experience. Heck, they could make the Apple TV a slingbox, DVR and media extender all in one, but they chose to lower the price and make the interface better. And this made the fence-sitters opt for the device now instead of waiting for a more feature-rich version. $229 price point is right. They make a market where there is none.
2. Apple could have allowed bluetooth or WiFi syncing of the iPod touch and the iPhone, but left the hardware in for future expansion and chose to deliver a polished set of apps including iPod with cover-flow, great web browser, great maps, pictures, etc. I forgot that I used to be able to watch any media type and rename and delete files, and copy/paste for that matter. I do things the “Apple Way” and find I am not “that” inconvenienced.

Based on just these two observations and some gut instinct, here are my predictions for WWDC 2008: 

The major announcements: 

1. 3G iPhone to ship in January, OLED display, two-way iChat over network. $399 Price tag for 16GB, $499 for 32GB models.
2. Huge Enhancements to Dot Mac including, over-the-air syncing with iPhone, mobile iDisk, larger capacity, almost roaming profiles over the internet.
3. Mobile iWork, Apple iPhone app that reads all MS Office formats and writes Word and Excel files.
4. Limited supply of 8GB Phones to be sold at $99 with 2/year contract 16GB version available today at subsidized price of $199 with two-year AT&T contract.
5. Multiple colors available (pastel and light colors, akin to Ipod Nano) 32 GB version of iPhone available today at subsidized price of $299 with two-year AT&T contract.
6. New Macbooks, faster processors, better graphics, higher HD capacity, DVD burners across the board, rounded edges a la Macbook Air.
7. New Macbook Pro, new processors, rounded edges, bigger HD capacity, black keys, more graphics options, more in tune with iMac design, optional Bluray drive
8. Multi-touch available to ALL Leopard customers with new mouse pad -like device (external trackpad, Bluetooth or corded USB) and new Leopard 10.5.3 release to support this.
9. New SDK for multi-touch features and demonstration with Quicktime VR stuff, games and picture manipulation.
10. Twitter/Location based social network announced for iPhone that will revolutionize advertising and networking opportunities.
11. Stock prices will go over $330 per share before coming back down within next 6 months.

I know this are bold predictions, and I do not suggest anyone making financial decisions based on this information. But, if I am right, I expect to have my phone ringing off the hook come mid-June. Can’t wait to find out what pans out.

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