The Apple Software Update Slow Down

I usually expect to have at least one piece of Apple software (either something from the iLife suite, the iWork suite, Logic Studio, etc. to be upgraded on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and the only update that I have received in the past month is one to Logic Studio (mainly bug fixes).

I am hoping that this may mean that Appleā€™s developers are busy with working on 10.5.3 (and hopefully gesture support for all), some killer iPhone apps, or with adding additional camera support to iMovie. I bought a Panasonic SDC-HD9 last month and I have not yet been able to import the movie files without iMovie crashing.

What would make WWDC great for Bob:

Updating iMovie (give us the effects back and more audio control) Also, please support the true HD camera I just bought.
Updating DotMac – I really would love to see some more iPhone push-type syncing capabilitie and media server options here.
New Macbook Pro – I may be in the market soon. I am really taxing the Core Solo 1.83 Ghz processor in this 1st Gen Macbook and I would love to double the RAM for live audio applications. Hopefully this temporary slowdown is gearing us for some exciting announcements at WWDC, and not due to the lack of good programmers.

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