Updating Your Picture Frame with Automator

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Step # negative 1 (buy the “i-Mate Momento Live” picture frame)
This allows you to e-mail pictures from anywhere and they will update your web-connected picture frame.

1. Start iCal
2. From the View menu, hide To Do List and Calendar List

3. Additionally, you could hide the dock with opt-command-D

4. Maximize the iCal window, command-M
5. Close iCal

6. Open Automator

7. Create a new workflow with these actions

 a. Launch Application (iCal)

 b. Take Screenshot (Fullscreen,Wait 10 seconds, Save To:new variable {call it anything you want})

 c. New Mail Message (enter the i-Mate account email address in the To: field)
8. Add the Send Outgoing messages action
9. Save this automator workflow to an application to the desktop

 To run:
1. Make sure iCal is closed
2. double-click the application

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