You’re Living the Dream, But Whose?

I often ask people how they are doing. I rarely get anyone to actually engage with me more than the automatic “doing well” or “can’t complain.” But every once and awhile someone says unconvincingly “living the dream.” At this, I always counter with, “your dream or someone else’s?” There are two ways that we can approach our lives. We can live by default, reacting to situations around us, constantly searching for–yet rarely finding– comfort and security. Or, we can live intentionally, determined to accomplish everything that God created us to do. Whose dream are you living? Your bosses’? Your parents’? This life is but a vapor. Start living the life God intended for you now. It isn’t going to be easy. There will be sacrifice. There will be pain. But the prize of your higher calling in Christ is worth it.

Today’s added bonus… here is a video of my son making a monster sack at his last football game. Go Justin.

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