Predictions for the October 4th "Let’s Talk iPhone" Event by Apple

Here is a list of my predictions for the October 4th Event.

1. New iPhone 4S, sales starting October 15th.

  • 8 megapixel camera
  • A5 processor
  • 1GB RAM (needed for large memory resident voice engine) 
  • Killer new feature is assistant.  Apple is the first in the industry to get voice interaction right. 
    • Can you say “Star Trek-level” conversations with your phone?
    • Assistant will NOT be available on iPad 2 further distinguishing iPhone line 
  • 16, 32 and 64GB models starting at $199 
  • Dualband chipset (one phone for all carriers) 
  • Black and White 
  • HD front camera for FaceTime
  • OS Mirroring through AppleTV
  • No LTE
2. They are killing the iPod shuffle and classic
3. They are creating a 3G capable iPod Touch with same specs as above minus good camera
  • the new case models with beveled back like iPad 2 are for the new touch 
  • Adding 128GB model 
4. They are keeping the iPhone 4, but making changes to make it cheaper 
  • Polycarbonate back replaces glass
  • Now can get iPhone 4 in several colors like the iPod Nano
  • 8GB model is base 
  • No dual band chipset 
  • $99 price 
  • Not powerful enough for assistant 
  • Prepay option 
5. Great new games that use AirPlay shown 

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